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    TEMPUS (Trans-European Mobility Program for University Studies) was founded by the European Commission in 1990 with the aim of supporting the modernization of higher education in Europe and its neighboring states. Today the program runs in 54 countries in Europe, Central Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East.

    The main goals of TEMPUS-EFA (English for All) project are:

    1. To raise the level of English and innovative capability through cooperation, advanced communication and information exchange among academic campuses, lecturers and researchers and students.

    2. To help students learn how to communicate effectively via the new Applied English Skills course. The course focuses on the productive skills of speaking and writing, and through practice, students develop self-confidence in expressing themselves in English, both orally and in writing.

    3. Study and practice a unique TRIZ based advanced problem solving methods course: "Development of Thinking Skills", developed for various academic institutions. This course is currently being taught at nine academic institutions in Israel and Europe.

    4. To launch an extended communication platform called LPS (Learning Portal System) which uniquely supports 19 academic and non-academic institutions in the creation of new academic content, coordination of research and pedagogic activities, and collaboration beyond time and nations boundaries

    The program will foster teaching in the English language in higher education by using creative tools and innovative approaches, as well as enhancing the education-innovation-research triangle, and will promote cooperation and uniformity among institutions of higher education in European Union countries while creating a broad educational matrix based on common goals, objectives, and standards.

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