THE UNIVERSITY OF NICOSIA is a thriving international university and the only academic institution in Cyprus with three campuses (located in the major cities of Nicosia, Limassol, and Larnaca). It attracts students of many ages from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. It grants undergraduate and graduate degrees as well as professional certificates. The University of Nicosia is the largest private academic institution in Cyprus, and its current enrolment is about 5,000 students.

The institute began as an undergraduate college. Gradually it added master degree programs, established ties with other universities and professional bodies, recruited world-renowned faculty members, invested heavily in research and publications, and became the first private university in Cyprus. In September 2007, the twenty-seven year old college was recognized as a full-fledged university and acquired its current name - the University of Nicosia.

Faculty members have coordinated and collaborated on numerous EU research projects. In 2010 the university joined the TEMPUS-EFA project and is looking forward to sharing its experience with its partners and working towards a successful implementation of the project.