SAPIR ACADEMIC COLLEGE is located in Israel’s southern coastal region. It is noted for its exceptional openness to minority groups, both students and lecturers, and its quality educational programs and supportive, human-oriented instruction.

Sapir Academic College’s sees its participation in the TEMPUS-EFA program as a golden opportunity to develop a global-orientation in its education program that will benefit students in technology, engineering, and business administration.

Sapir College, Winter Semester 2011
  • Thinking algorithms problem solving methods and their component will be studied by introducing models of problems, thinking tools for problem solving (TRIZ) and models of solutions.

  • (GES) is geared towards Israeli students who need advanced English-language skills. Unlike other courses, GES focuses on developing proficiency and fluency in speaking and writing. Students will learn to apply their English knowledge in business, industry, and academic contexts. Students will undergo intense practice in formal and informal conversations and discussions, in preparing and delivering oral presentations and reports,and writing emails and memos.

  •  This introductory course provides a general survey of finance and investments.  It emphasizes an Intuitive, logically rigorous understanding of the theory and practice of financial markets, illustrating the concepts through examples and cases drawn from the public and private sectors. Topics covered include: present value analysis and discounting, diversification, the tradeoff between risk and return, market efficiency, pricing of stocks and bonds, the capital asset pricing model, the arbitrage pricing theory and term structure of interest rates.  In addition, the financial sources of an enterprise and how they affect the value of the firm will be explored.