WP3 - Applied English Language Skills

AELS course population are students who have completed the exemption level requirements in English (probably 3rd year students). Aims of course: to enable students to participate actively in courses delivered in English. Focus of course include: • Listening skills for participation in English language lectures; • Writing skills for note-taking and homework; • Oral skills for active participation in seminars; • Application of reading skills for active participation in seminars.Task3.1 Develop a one semester, two weekly hours’ course (28 hours) to be taught at 2 levels according to the students’ needs. It will focus on the listening and speaking skills required for active participation in lectures and seminars in English, as well as writing and reading skills required for research in both Higher Education and employment (state of the art literature, presentations preparation etc.) (OBC+ UNiC).Task3.2 Implement the course in all HE participating institutions. It will be taught by English experts.  Students will listen to lectures and complete assignments that approximate their main HE theme. They will also take part in group discussions as well as prepare and deliver presentations in English. (Leader: OBC, participants: all Israeli HEI and students' organizations).Task3.3 Record a master version of the ApiE and upload it on the Learning Portal Suite” (LPS) developed within the project to be used by all participants and public (Sapir).