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    Tempus-EFA project at Sapir College

    A new collaboration of the Sapir College and the European Union brings new project into the air -TEMPUS-EFA (English for All in Academia). Sapir College was chosen from the many and varied colleges in Israel. During the project the chosen courses at Sapir College will be studied in English.  The project will use new advanced technology tools. Studies aim to further cooperation with universities and academic study abroad and improvement options in Israel's international employment. 

    • The main objective of the project is to improve the employment options of Israeli students around the world and have extensive collaborations with universities around the worldDuring the program a major emphasis on effective communication in English - this will help students to gain great competitive advantage in the market and develop career beyond the borders of IsraelThose who study the field of logisticsimport and export, business administration, medicine and almost every profession - can use this knowledge in the workplace whether in Israel, or whether abroad it requires often a higher knowledge in EnglishThe project will use all the new infrastructures and means innovative studies. Participants in the project will gain academic points and receive a certificate which is approved by the EU.

    • Dr. Hanan Maoz who is the Project Manager of the TEMPUS-EFA project at Sapir College. Comments about the Tempus-EFA: "The project represents a significant step for students who want to integrate the employment abroad in their future. The project will open many doors to students who participate in this project and give them tools to use in life both professional and personalThis project is important to both sides. The EU In this project is an intermediary and mediator will help increase cooperation with Israel, particularly with fresh students who want to make their studies were unlimited.

    • Dr. Maoz has a strong agenda regarding to the project and the decision to bring the project extracurricular in Sapir College. He replies  on the question why Europe: "first of all Israel has a good relationship academically and because the EU already has cooperation plan which seemed to be attractive. In addition, it can give a competitive edge in the global market to the Israeli student. " Dr. Maoz explains that the goal is the for the courses to be conducted in an atmosphere globally while encouraging use of existing and evolving technology. If the familiar and ordinary courses, the professor shouts to put the phone back into the bag, or even ask at the beginning of the year "Do not send SMS messages during the class," It's standard. Dr. Maoz sees things differently. Model which he believes refers to technology as an integral part routine in academia, and should use all available technology to communicate across our borders narrow and local. Use forums, blogs or virtual meetings will contribute to maintain close contact between students and lecturers in Sapir and those abroad. 

    • Dr. Maoz has a stronghold believe that Sapir can make a great progress in the R&D. Tel Aviv University as well began as a branch of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Dr. Maoz expects to extend the Tempus program next yearso that there are more courses will become global or more courses within the program. He already has an offer from Italy to teach one of his Sapir courses at Italy"

    • To view the articles on the subject follow the links below:

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    Marketing Plan: Designs and Messages

    • Tempus-EFA project was designed to promote the teaching in English higher education institutions in Israel, using innovative tools and approaches, and through cooperation and knowledge transfer among the partners in the project. The project is offering interdisciplinary courses expertise and unique courses developed in the project.



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    Tempus-EFA - Winter Semester 2012

    • GES - Global English Skills

      (GES) is geared towards Israeli students who need advanced English-language skills. Unlike other courses, GES focuses on developing proficiency and fluency in speaking and writing. Students will learn to apply their English knowledge in business, industry, and academic contexts. Students will undergo intense practice in formal and informal conversations and discussions, in preparing and delivering oral presentations and reports,and writing emails and memos. Click here for more information.

    • Development of Thinking Skills

      Thinking algorithms problem solving methods and their component will be studied by introducing models of problems, thinking tools for problem solving (TRIZ) and models of solutions. Click here for more information.

    • Principles of Finance

      This introductory course provides a general survey of finance and investments.  It emphasizes an Intuitive, logically rigorous understanding of the theory and practice of financial markets, illustrating the concepts through examples and cases drawn from the public and private sectors. Topics covered include: present value analysis and discounting, diversification, the tradeoff between risk and return, market efficiency, pricing of stocks and bonds, the capital asset pricing model, the arbitrage pricing theory and term structure of interest rates.  In addition, the financial sources of an enterprise and how they affect the value of the firm will be explored. Click here for more information.

    • Translational Research: From Basic Research to Drugs

      The course exposes the students to the business dynamics of the biotechnology field. These include issues relating to entrepreneurship, financing, regulation and operation of biotech firms. During the course students will meet firms' managers and investors. Click here for more information.

    • Human Rights in International Law

      The course discuss questions of principle involved in formulating universal norms of human rights, recognize the main art that Israel joined them and the international institutions involved in implementing those conventions, and delve into a number of key rights, primarily the right to life and right not to be subjected to torture. Click here for more information.

    • The Hamas Movement: Charity, Politics and Jihad

      The course will present the Hamas movement from various perspectives: historical, ideological, political and military. We will discuss topics such as the decision making process in Hamas, the status of women in the movement, profiles of suicide bombers and more. Source materials will include Hamas publications, Hamas websites, as well as speeches and sermons by Hamas leaders (Arabic with English translations). Click here for more information.

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    iDigital & Sapir College Conference 06/11/11

    ההרצאה עסקה במוטיבים ניהולים בעולם התקשורת והשיווק הקיימים מרובת מוצרים ומתחרים.
    בלב הנושא, עומדת חדשנות בסביבה תחרותית - הדורשת מחד, יסודות השראה מגוונים (בלתי מוחשיים),
    ומאידך, משאבי ניהול רבים ותקשורת אפקטיבית (מוחשיים). מטרת ההרצאה היא לענות על האתגר ביצירת השראה למצוינות עסקית.

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    Kenes Sderot 29/11/11

    כנס ישראל-שדרות לחברה הנפתח השנה בכ"ט בנובמבר ימשיך להיות כנס מעשי שלא מסתפק בליבון "מה זה עושה לנו" אלא מסכם "מה אנחנו עושים עם זה" ונאבק למימוש סיכום זה. 

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    Tempus info-day 19/12/11

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    First European Student TRIZ Conference, Wroclaw Poland  

    • The first student TRIZ conference took place in Poland on February, 23-27, 2012. Students from Israel, Polan, Cyprus, Italy and UK has participated in the conference and had presented their thinking and research project presentations.

      Sapir College student Arieh Shiran empressed the conference juges with his presentation and won the first place: "My presantation deald with Triz thinking implementation on the city of Sderot. My goal was to plan a music event in the local and national level in the city in order to crate i cooperation between the components in the System itself regardless of the security issues and the economical problems. By combining different components from the super system its possible to trim the risk and preform cultural music event that light up the life in the city."

      הכנס TRIZ הראשון של סטודנטים הלומדים את הקורס הבינלאומי "פיתוח מיומנויות חשיבה"  (The First European student TRIZ conference) התקיים בתאריכים 23-27/02 בפולין. סטודנטים מ-9 מוסדות ממדינות ישראל, קפריסין,פולין, איטליה ואנגליה השתתפו בכנס והציגו את הפרויקטים שלהם בפני מומחי TRIZ שהוזמנו על ידי דר' שרה גרינברג מארגנת הכנס ושותפי פרויקט טמפוס.

      נציג ממכללת ספיר- אריה שירן מהמחלקה לתקשורת זכה במקום הראשון בתחרות: "המצגת שלי עסקה ביישום חשיבת הטריז על העיר שדרות והאוכלוסייה הצעירה בה. המטרה העיקרית הנה לבצע אירוע מוסיקלי ברמה מקומית וארצית בעיר על מנת ליצור שיתוף פעולה בין המרכיבים השונים במערכת עצמה, חרף האיום הבטחוני והמצב הכלכלי. על ידי גיוס אלמנטים נוספים מה"סופר סיסטם" ניתן לצור שיתוף פעולה בין המרכיבים השונים בעיר וכן בין גורמים חיצוניים ולבצע אירוע מוסיקלי תרבותי שיעיר את החיים בשדרות."