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    Welcome to Moodle 2.0!

    • This Workshop will focus on the new features introduced in Moodle 2.0 for Teachers.
      It is not a technical workshop.
      The aim is to introduce teachers and course developers to the functionality in Moodle 2.0 that will directly impact on teachers, course design, and learners.
      As well as practical content, this workshop will be structured to enable
      discussion and interaction around specific topics and functions of Moodle 2.0.

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    File Repository

      • Duplicate files are only stored once, saving disk space.
      • When you upload a file, Moodle gives it the same permissions as the resource or activity you upload it to. (For example, a file may belong to a file resource, a forum post or a wiki page).
      • You access repositories using the new File picker interface. The new system manages resources files and keeps track of their usage in activities, e.g. when an image is used on a content page. Metadata about each file (author, date, license information) is stored in the database.
      • You can now copy documents and media into Moodle from external content repositories (Google Docs, Flickr, YouTube, Wikimedia, Mahara) using an interface similar to a standard Open dialog box. You can also import files from your desktop or by specifying a URL.

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    Conditional Activities

      • Access to activities can be restricted based on certain criteria, such as dates, grade obtained, or the completion of another activity.
      • These can be chained together to enable progressive disclosure of the course content, if that is desired.
      • Teachers can now specify conditions that define when any activity is seen as completed by a student. For example, when a certain number of posts have been made, or a grade has been reached, or a choice has been made.

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    Workshop Activity

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    New Blocks


      • Comments block - like a shoutbox, allows comments to be added to any page. Great for student feedback.
      • My private files block - allows access to a user's private files, which can then be accessed by them anywhere with the File picker. There is quota management available.
      • Course completion status block - reports on the completion status of your courses

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