The EFA project aims to foster teaching in the English language in Israeli institutions of higher education by using creative tools and innovative approaches. Another goal is to improve higher education in Israel by enhancing its quality and increasing its involvement in international developments. The project consortium has nineteen partners from different countries (including Israel, Italy, Cyprus, Poland, England and Germany) as well as academic institutions, commercial companies, non-profit organizations (NPOs), and Israel’s CHE.

The 2-year long, multidisciplinary, interactive project is based on four academic modules:

1. Four (at least) B.A. and B.Sc. courses will be translated into English in the first year and implemented in the second year in Israeli academies taking part in the project.

2. A unique semestrial English-language course – Applied English Language Skills (AELS) - will be developed within the first year and taught in the second year on two different levels. The course will address the need for applied English and communications skills in the global environment.

3. A multidisciplinary, undergraduate, pilot course called the “Development of Thinking Skills Course” will be developed within the first year and taught in the second year. Its aim is to strengthen the education–innovation–research triangle. The one year long English-language course will be conducted simultaneously in all Israeli and EU academic institutions.

4. Workshops and a teachers training course will be developed in order to support and monitor the transposition of courses into the English language.

The main academic modules will be supported by two accompanying ones:

1. A Learning Portal System (LPS) will be developed for bringing the best-in-class capabilities to students learning requirements. It will provide a single application portal, English-Learning-Knowledge-Center (ELKC), and unite the formal and informal learning assets of EFA with options for filtering results to suit the needs and preferences of lecturers and students.

2. A quality control system for monitoring and managing the EFA project will also be developed as a part of the project.

All of the modules are geared to design and develop new teaching methodologies, as well as a master plan for enhancing English knowledge acquisition in Israel. A work program will be drawn up for to improve English-language proficiency in higher education at the national level. These efforts will contribute to the policy making and system change that the CHE is calling for in the Israeli system of higher education.

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